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Siemens—Photography for Artists


Siemens—Photography for Artists
Fri, August 16 2019, 9:00 am - 11:00 am


Instructor: Les Siemens

Friday: July 26, Aug 2, 9 & 16; 9am to 11am (instructor will remain until noon)

NO FEE.  Please register for each date you wish to attend.

Open to members of Palo Verde Artists and Artists by the Lake.
Palo Verde Artists members - sign up on our website or in the art room.
Artists by the Lake members - sign up in the Palo Verde Artists' art room at Sundial Recreation Center.

Why would an artist want to take photographs?

  • To capture scenes and subjects for inspiration
    • Because the light will change
    • Because the flowers will be gone next month
    • Because the child or pet can't sit still
    • etc
  • To create detailed reference photos for a drawing or painting
    • Cropping and composing to the canvas ratio
    • Manipulating colors and tonal values
    • Combining objects from different images to make a new composition
  • To photograph their own art:
    • Before revising an artwork (for comparison)
    • Before parting with the original
    • To share with friends and associates
    • To apply for galleries, exhibits and competitions
    • To produce print reproductions
  • To demonstrate their ability as an artistic photographer

There are many different ways to make a photograph; not all will produce the best results for every requirement listed above. Also, if the end result requires a digital file, there will be different requirements imposed for the resulting image file, depending upon the intended use (web site, screen viewing, projection, printing, submitting to a show or gallery). Some may require additional editing beyond the camera.

Furthermore, most photography tools (cameras and software) have many more capabilities than their users are capable of, or even aware of, using. Some of these tools, though, are not the best choice for all requirements listed above. We will look at getting the most out of your current equipment and software; and we will look at what would be the best equipment for those students considering purchasing something better than what they currently use. We will not recommend any particular software or app, but any that are demonstrated will all be free programs. Take that Adobe!

The first of the four sessions, will be an overview of all of these needs and applications, and more. The additional workshop sessions will focus on those three areas that the students attending the first session elect to be the most important for the group to work on in greater depth or detail (with as much hands-on and 1-on-1 assistance as we can make it).


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