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2019 PVA Judged Art Show

Get Ready! — March 28-30

In order to encourage more artists in their artistic development, to provide a just valuation of art in light of the artist’s experience, and to make it easier for judges to evaluate the artist’s work, the following divisions will be used.


Oil & Acrylics on canvas or board
Water media, including Acrylics on paper, Tempra, etc.
Miscellaneous, Pastel, Mixed media, Collage, Abstracts
Portraits, any media.
Drawings, Ink, Pencil, Colored Pencil, Charcoal, etc.

EXPERIENCE/SKILL LEVEL (For each category there will be three levels):

Beginner/Intermediate: Art skills up to 10 yrs and have not sold work through a commercial gallery.
Advanced: Art skills for more than 10 yrs and have not sold work through a commercial gallery.
Professional: Includes artists who have exhibited in commercial galleries, have taught art to adults, or have painted on a commercial basis.

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