Art Show Winners

Meet the Judge, Virginia Carroll

A Huge Thank you to all artists who participated in our first on-line exhibition March 2021. We had 84 entries from very talented artists.

Best of Show

“Man’s Best Friend”

Magda Gryparis – Watercolor 13 x 18

With good composition and great storytelling, this painting emotes pleasant feelings or memories. The medium is handled beautifully and it has good value range. The portrayal of the water is excellent and I particularly like how the light on the water was accomplished, especially the “sparkles” beside the boat.

Best of Show

First Place

“Sisters 1908”

Florine Duffield – Oil 22 x 28

There are many things that attracted me to this piece and they all go together to make a lovely painting. The mottled background has a wonderful texture and the vintage dresses are so appealing. I love the merely suggested hair of both women but the eyes just draw you in. It is very expressive and shows how well the artist knows how to handle the medium in which the work is done.

First Place

Second Place

“Orange Slices Anyone?”

Ruth Glenn Little – Mixed Media 6 x 6

This is a very simple but nice composition with the repetitive orange slices and the rhythm of the orange peel. The suggestion of a cutting board and the progression of dark to light across the painting leads the eye through the piece and I love the almost batik effect. The rendering of the peel is particularly well done- one can almost feel the roughness of the rind!

Second Place

Third Place

“Golden Retriever”

Velvet Tetrault – Acrylic 16 x 20

This is a portrait of a well-loved dog, expressing so much of its personality. I like the way the artist has chosen to focus on this wonderful head, with the body mostly suggested because, of course, the head is and should be the primary focus. The face is well rendered and the use of the medium gives it an almost watercolor appearance. This is a doggie I would like to know!

Third Place

Honorable Mention


Melinda Martin – Acrylic 16 x 20

A lovely abstract piece. Nice earth tones and great rhythm.

Honorable Mention - Acrylic

Honorable Mention

“My Favorites; Crystal and Jolly Ranchers”

Dilda Curtis – -Watercolor 11 x 14

Beautifuly done crystal, not an easy thing to do, well rendered candy and nice, loose shadows. A well-done watercolor.

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Honorable Mention - Watercolor

Honorable Mention

“Grandpop’s Love”

Loretta Hostettler – Colored Pencil 12 x 16

A complex composition with a story to tell. Nice skin tones.

Honorable Mention - Colored Pencil

Honorable Mention


Pat Foulke – Graphite 12 x 9

A nice composition with a sweet face….just enough value range.

Honorable Mention - Graphite

Honorable Mention

“Blue Serenity”

Peggy Schutte – Mixed Media 10 x 14

Brilliant gem tones, sweeping movement and a nice textural contrast between the paint and what appears to be metal leaf or some sort of collage material.

Honorable Mention - Mixed Media

Honorable Mention

“High Falls”

Jan Oxendale – Oil 12 x 16

Good use of medium, nice composition and good placement of the falls as the focal point with the movement of the river and the placement of the rocks to lead the eye to it.

Honorable Mention - Oil

Honorable Mention


Jan Phillips – Alcohol Ink 16 x 20

A beautifully done painting worthy of its title. Good use of this medium.

Honorable Mention - Alcohol InK

Honorable Mention


Terri Lewis – Pastel 11 x 14

Excellent use of medium to create that soft wispy fur and the execution of the mouth is spot on.