Alison Evans Killam Artist of the Month

Palo Verde Artists

Artist of the Month May 2021

Alison Evans Killam a Snowbird from Canada

By Mary Stewart

As a true snowbird from Canada, I have embraced the retiree life and winter in Arizona. I am Alison Evans Killam, and I joined the Palo Verde Artists with Sun City about four years ago. I had no art experience, but I established a strong mentorship from Ruth Glenn Little, an instructor, and artist, and I was able to find my creative and artistic self.

I create my artwork through line, colour, and shape. Watercolour is the main body of any piece I create, whether the painting is abstract, floral, or landscape. Florals and abstracts comprise most of my work, yet my painting style is fluid and flowing as in a river, and I love how that translates into my landscapes. My story is short in the watercolor world; I have been painting for three-plus years but have dabbled in many creative elements my whole life. Once I retired, I gained the courage to try watercolour; its wonder immediately took me. I paint every day, and to me, watercolour is my complete artistic expression. I love bold, bright, and engaging colors, as you can see in my paintings. My reasons for painting are purely for self-expression and the hope that my work connects with you, somehow. To see more of my artwork, take a peek at my website

The Artist of the Month is usually showcased at the Sundial Center, 14801 N 103rd Ave. The club room is currently closed until the third phase of the RCSC reopening plan, though zoom classes and events are still offered for members. Membership is $10 per year and is open to all RCSC cardholders.

Mary Stewart, President

Palo Verde Artists