Jerry McGuinness Artist of the Month



Jerry was born and raised in Idaho, where he developed a love and appreciation for the outdoors. Jerry attended classes at Idaho State University and, upon graduation, was commissioned a 2nd LT in the US Army, that is when Jerry and his wife embarked on their life together.

Jerry retired in 1997 and moved to Sun City, where he took watercolor classes from the late Gene Carrera. Jerry stated that Gene was an excellent instructor, and he developed a genuine love for the medium under his tutelage. One of his favorite statements was, “If you can’t paint horses, then don’t paint horses.” Jerry’s attitude became, “if I can’t paint something, then work at it until I can paint it.” Jerry enjoys the challenge of painting complex subjects. “ I am a realist and primarily paint landscapes,” Jerry has said.

An avid fly fisherman Jerry has had summer homes in Western Montana and Northern Idaho. Many of his paintings are from photos taken while fishing the beautiful lakes and streams of Montana and Idaho. Jerry and his wife also enjoy the time and ability to travel extensively, and he loves to paint the grand old buildings and streets of Europe.

“Attempting to carry the viewer to the painting location, perhaps triggering memories of similar places, recalling sounds of water rushing around rocks and sounds of wind rustling through the trees, is a hope and my goal,” Jerry said in conversation.

“One of my favorite places is a small creek called Lost Creek in the Swan River Valley of Montana. Many of my paintings are of that stream which has a descent of 300 feet going through old-growth forest, no trails, many winding ways through boulders, and no sign of human life. While painting Lost Creek from my photos, I am always transported back to the stream with sounds of rushing water, the smell of the pine forest, and the sight of a trout appearing magically from the stream bottom to take my fly,” Jerry stated.

Jerry has been president of both art clubs, Palo Verde Artists and Artists by the Lake in Sun City, and is currently a member of Palo Verde Artists and Vanguard Artists. His paintings have sold and won awards at the Sun City Art Show, the Palo Verde Art Show, the Glendale Art Show, Vanguard Juried Art Show, and Art in the Park in Coeur d’Alene Idaho.