Loretta Hostettler Artist of the Month



Loretta Hostettler is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana.  She began her adult life as a soldier in the US Army, then moved on to civilian life, where she earned an AAS degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.  

In her adult life, Loretta took an introductory colored pencil class at a community center, later taking sculpting classes at Phoenix college, digital art, photoshop, and Illustrator classes at Glendale Community college.  At this point, she ventured into and focused totally on photography for about 15 years.    Her photos can be found on https://www.istockphoto.com/photos/lokibaho.

Loretta became more serious about fine art around 2014 when she decided to learn watercolor. During that time, she and her husband moved to Sun City, where she joined and took classes at the Palo Verde Artists club in the Sundial Recreation Center.

Since then, Loretta has gotten back into colored pencil work and loves both mediums equally. She loves the way colored pencil work lends itself to more detailed work, while watercolor allows realistic work and can be impressionistic.

In the past six years, Loretta has received 3 People’s Choice Awards for portraits, her latest one being a portrait of her father titled “Dad.”  She has also sold numerous paintings through the Sun City Art Shows.  She is involved in several online groups, including the Color Pencil Society of America (CPSA) District Chapters groups in Arizona, Cincinnati, and Memphis.  She also has a once a month online colored pencil meeting with the Palo Verde Artist Zoom meetings.  

Her Advice to all Budding Artists: “Don’t Give Up.”  She says, “I once thought I was ‘not good enough,’ but eventually, the artist in me came out in full force.  Even if you are not the most talented artist on the block, art is still an incredible medium to express the inner part of yourself that people might never otherwise have the opportunity to see and enjoy.”