Ruth Glenn Little Artist of the Month

Palo Verde Artist of the Month March 2021

Born and raised in Northwestern Nebraska farm country, I had little exposure to art, artists, or opportunity for art classes. Still, I spent time drawing, coloring, and wondering about the life of an artist. As a result, I am self-taught, experimenting, and exploring to grow into an artist. Residing outside of the Continental U.S. from 1979-2001, I spent time in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Hawaii, and Yap, Micronesia, where my artistic talents grew and evolved into teaching drawing and watercolor.

In Indonesia, I worked as a creative animation director for TV commercials and in the batik industry. In Australia, I developed and conducted drawing classes and a portfolio presentation for students at The Youth Adult Bureau in Melbourne. A two-year stint in Guam Gifted offered an opportunity to teach art in a Gifted and Talented Program for the Department of Education. Moving to Hawaii, the University of Hawaii asked me to teach watercolor for the Continuing Education Program.

A 1991 trip to the island of Yap in the Federated States of Micronesia inspired several more visits to the island, and in1994, a move there when a position to teach eight young men to be illustrators for the DOE was offered. The four languages of the state had been solidified in written form, so alphabet cards for each language and English illustrated by the student for use in schools. Manuscripts for books were submitted by island educators, with one chosen for each Artist to illustrate.

I then went to Hong Kong for six weeks to oversee printing the books in the four languages and English. It was the first-time books in the local languages were used in island schools. In 2001, a visit to family in Colorado and events of 9/11 ended my traveling. Options to teach art continued at Colorado Mountain College, Colorado Center of the Arts, Colorado Community College, as Artist in Residence at New Emerson Elementary School from 2004-2010 and with Daniel Smith in Seattle from 2006-2113.

Over the years, I presented many solo shows and participated in local and national organizations receiving awards, a few of which were – FOCUS OF MICRONESIA sponsored by University of Guam – Best of Show, NATIONAL ARTS FOR THE PARKS SHOW-eight pieces juried in top 100, and BEST OF AMERICA WATERCOLOR request to published three floral paintings. Private, public and corporate collector’s world-wide have purchased my paintings.