Daniel Ortega Artist of the Month


Daniel Ortega attended Otis Parsons Art Institute In Los Angeles, California, with summer scholarship programs in 1967 and 1968. Life drawing classes and recycling art projects inspired him to pursue fine arts, and his college curriculum included graphic design, architecture, technical illustration, electronic drafting, ceramics, and photography.

Mr. Ortega creates hand-sculpted bas-relief designs from the organic medium he has developed. The medium dries hard and has the appearance of stone or rock. He paints the finished work with acrylic or bio “green seal” paints, leaving it natural earth, plant, or spiced colored. Next, he seals it with a clear acrylic coat. Enhancing his work with sand, glass, stones and metallic finishes creates a beautiful natural contrast on the sculpted surface. His medium comprises non-endangered sustainable plants, wood, flowers, earth, and stone.

His memorial artwork looks the same but has cremated ashes interred into the medium and is featured in Ripley’s 8th edition 2012 Annual “Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Strikingly true. Ripley’s Entertainment exhibits his work in Orlando, Florida, and Hollywood, California museums.

He creates abstract and expressionist artwork with an inner vision and cultural symbolism. Action Painting takes place with each work with layer upon layer of diverse colors applied to his medium. Different textures can be felt with your hands while exploring with your eyes and is similar to discovering a stone relic from an archeological dig.

Daniel visited many archaeological sites in Mayan, Mixtec, and Zapotec cultures. He relocated to Oaxaca, Mexico, and learned holistic medicine from healers and Nuad Bo-Rarn ancient Thailand bodywork. His artwork expresses earth medicine using sustainable natural resources such as industrial hemp and a coconut husk byproduct powder.

Daniel states, “Earth Friendly Artwork is continually evolving with new sustainable materials and asks the viewer to consider his artistic passion for artwork as a ‘save the planet message.'” His artwork honors the earth and all her relations in the circle of life.