Velvet Tetrault Artist of the Month



Velvet has been painting for 45 years and has always loved colors. She began by making images on linoleum and printing them. By the age of 19, she became enthralled with realistic Science Fiction art, and her first paintings on canvas were people from science fiction she had written.
Besides taking college art courses, Velvet studied hundreds of art books and instructional videos, taking many workshops taught by established artists and attending conventions learning many artistic techniques and styles. She painted diverse subjects such as florals, landscapes, still life, birds, animals, fantasy, and people.
Tetrault became acquainted with decorative and tole painting in 1998 and spent several years going to workshops and studying videotapes of different artists. Then she began experimenting with mixed media.
Velvet studied Art History and Anatomy for Artists for two years and subsequently taught anatomy to artists at WHAM and the Palo Verde Art Club. In addition, she has an advanced degree in Psychology, giving her an understanding of human motivation and enabling her to create paintings that reflect stories and allegories.
She began painting birds in 2017, then florals and scrolls. She studied casual florals and bird painting for three years with David Jansen and has acquired a more profound knowledge from dozens of videos on painting flowers and birds by various artists. Velvet also studied portraits, especially the color and tones in the highlights and shadows.
While she still occasionally creates a small bird painting, Velvet focuses on paintings with psychological meaning, such as Allegorical paintings and Fantastical/Fantasy paintings with a message; she has ventured into this realm with a 5-painting series called “DESIRE.” Her work may be found on: