Nancy Gunn

My art journey has been a long wandering path through various artistic areas. First, I became a potter and then moved into watercolor.   I had no intention of painting, then something unexpected happened. As I threw pots on the wheel, watercolorists from another class would walk by with their creations gripped in their hands. Looking at the colors and subjects lit a fire in me to learn to paint! Art has been a great love of mine since second grade. My passion is abstract watercolors with deep, brilliant colors, although I paint many different subjects.

As an artist, I have been published in three books. “Mending the Soul,” “In Spite of Cancer,” and “Explore.” And two of them have been translated into multiple languages. As an artist and a nurse with a heart for the ill and abused, these books represent melding my art with a passionate concern for humanity’s physical and mental health.

In addition, my art has been shown extensively in the Shemer Art Center, Herd Museum, West Valley Art Museum, and local shows. My paintings are in several permanent collections.

I believe anyone can paint and that it should be fun, relaxed, with a sense of pride in each piece completed. In many ways, painting brings us back to the child within us, creative, free, expressive, and joyful.