Patti Hoffert

Patti Hoffert is a self-taught artist who lives with her husband, John, spending her time divided between their home in sunny Arizona and the remarkable beachside town of Pacific City, Oregon.  Patti is a retired educator and school counselor.  After her retirement in 2008, she and John moved to Arizona, where she took her first art class in watercolors with an excellent instructor who told her she had talent. She quickly discovered a new passion, art!

I’m a self-taught artist and love to experiment with many mediums. My first love is drawing, but I also love color – so the perfect medium I find is pastels. This medium allows me to draw and also involves lots of colors. In addition, I’m intrigued by the wonderful textures of nature and try to incorporate them into my art. My goal is to portray the beauty and wonder of nature – both human and in the world around us – with bright colors and bold moves. In addition, I strive to convey feelings of hope and happiness through my work”. Patti shows at Pacific City Art Gallery, Pacific City, OR, and has shown at WHAM Surprise, AZ.

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