Sue Nuhn

Sue Nuhn, Artist and Instructor

Sue always has had a hunger to paint and finally listened to that call before retiring to Logan, Utah, in 2004. She began painting using watercolors and has since added oil, acrylic, charcoal, and pan pastels. Sue is usually found painting or drawing anything with a face: portraits, animals, flowers, the face of a mountain or a barn. Sue has been juried into and received awards in numerous local and state competitions in Utah before moving to Arizona full time in 2017 and has been teaching painting for over ten years. Her paintings have been popular with collectors here and abroad. 

Class Summary

My approach to teaching is to introduce a subject the first class of the month, like a dog.  Then I begin to demonstrate how I would paint that subject and its characteristics such as long hair/short hair/all black/ all white/curly/straight etc.  The students would then begin their painting using my photo reference or their photo reference. The first painting is broken up into pieces to make it easier to remember and for students to follow along. The initial painting usually takes 1 or 2 classes to complete. 

I ask students to bring reference photos during the remainder of the month and then apply the concepts taught.  I give individual help doing short demonstrations along the way.  Students always have an option of painting from their reference photos from the beginning of classes with guidance and suggestions from me.  They could also paint their own subject, understanding that my full painting demonstrations would be from my reference photos.  Color theory, composition, terminology, and various watercolor techniques will be taught and practiced throughout the month.

Most importantly, I will teach you how to see.  If you can see shapes, values, patterns, edges, etc., combined with a few simple techniques, you can paint any subject.  Drawing experience is not necessary for my classes as I will show you how to transfer your images onto your watercolor paper.  My classes are open to ALL levels of artists.

You may also see some of my work on FaceBook, “Paintings by Sue Nuhn,” and a blog, .

Sue Nuhn

Sue Nuhn