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Painting Children with Watercolor – Facebook Online Lessons

January 5, 12, 19, 26, 2022. Four classes via FaceBook videos $60

Sue will send you the video each week to watch at your convenience.

You may ask questions on Sue’s Facebook page and she will respond via Facebook.

You must have access to Facebook and Zoom to take this class.

Requires Palo Verde Club 2022 Membership.

Also includes a weekly interactive zoom critique.

Remove the mystery of painting children’s portraits, whether it is your grandchildren you want to paint or you just want to increase your skills in painting.  Learn how to get that smooth, translucent skin with a few simple brushstrokes.  We will paint children of all ages including infants.  Access to pre-recorded lessons will remain through February.  (All levels)

Supply List:
Limited Palette
• Quinacridone Gold
• Quinacridone Rose or Permanent Magenta
• Cobalt Blue
• Antwerp Blue
• Lamp Black
Dr. PH Martin’s Bleed Proof White
Optional additional convenience colors
These make life easier but not necessary
• Yellow Ochre
• Carbazole Violet
• Sap Green
• Burnt Umber
• Payne’s Grey
Arches, Fabriano or Saunders Waterford 140# Cold Press (a full sheet ix 22×30 and
can be divided into two half sheets (15×22) or four quarter sheets (11×15). Stonehenge
Aquapress in a 9×12 block is great except it pills with lift paint and tears when removing tape from it.
BRUSHES – These are what I use most often
Rounds –
• Silver Black Velvet 3000S. Sz 4, 8, 12 OR
• Raphael Kolinsky 8404 sz 4 and 6, 12
• Rosemary & Co Eradicator (comes in 3 sizes) Great for lifting (optional)
• Small Detail brush size 0 (optional)
• I also occasionally use 1/2” angled brush, flats and even large flat brushes when
painting large paintings. OPTIONAL for now

• Adjustable spray bottle that sprays mists and dots of water (hardware store or
laundry section)
• Two water containers (LG yogurt size)
• Paper Towels (Scott Shop or Viva smooth)
• Pencil
• Kneaded Eraser
• Wax free transfer paper or sheet of tracing paper to make your own (I will demonstrate)
• Smooth Support Board slightly larger than your paper
• 2 clips to attach paper to board
• Richeson Liquid Masque (optional)
• Small round inexpensive brush to apply masque plus small bar of soap
• Rubber Cement Pick Up Eraser (optional)

I use a Holbein’s 30 well travel palette but any palette with wells and mixing areas will work ie John Pike Palette. You can purchase art supplies online @,,,, or good old Amazon.

materials list