Virginia Carroll


Virginia has been involved in the art world from an early age, when her mother sent her to art classes. She studied art throughout the entire of her education, including working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in college. Even though Virginia is an accomplished artist, winning many local, national and international awards and has shown in many local, national and international exhibitions, she continues her art education as any opportunity arises through workshops given by well-known national and international instructors. She strongly believes that you can never learn enough!

Virginia has worked in all the traditional media, but discovered Colored Pencil as a media in 2006 and that has become her media of choice ever since. Her work is primarily realistic in nature, with occasional departures into fantasy and surrealism.

Her favorite subject for her art is…everything. She has a body of work containing floral, animal, portraiture, landscape and still life subjects. She has a special affinity for all subjects found in the Southwest.

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