Art Instructors

Born and raised in Northwestern, Nebraska, in farm country with little exposure to art or artists, opportunities for art classes were nonexistent. As a result, I am self-taught. I resided outside the Continental United States from 1979-2001 in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Hawaii and Yap, Micronesia, and taught watercolor and drawing. My focus on my work was influenced by the cultures around me. I worked as a creative animation director in Indonesia and Australia. I developed and conducted drawing and portfolio presentations for a Youth Adult Bureau in Melbourne. Life in Guam confirmed my work as an art instructor teaching DOE a Gifted and Talented Program.   

I am a Minnesota native, moving to Arizona in 1982. I am a self-taught artist and work in all mediums. I have taught classes for the Palo Verde Art club for almost 19 years. Currently, I have been teaching Acrylic painting. I have earned degrees in CADD drafting and Graphic Design and taught classes in the Graphic design program for 11 years before moving to Sun City. I don't have one favorite medium; I love working in all of them.

My life and love of art started with my birth. I cannot remember when I was not fascinated with creating what I envisioned in my mind. So when I was the age of 19, I made it my goal to become proficient enough in painting to reproduce the image of a person and make it look like them. Along the way, I learned how to paint still life and landscapes, so when I painted my first portrait, I realized my goal.

Florine is an international award-winning photographer, painter & instructor. Her incredible images have appeared in galleries, shows, books and private collections throughout the US, the UK and at the Association of Photographers Gallery, London.

Florine’s career started in New York City during the 60’s working as a model/actress/singer.

1970’s – present day, Florine operated commercial photography and fine art studios in Dallas, TX; New York City; Arizona; and the UK.

I grew up in Georgia and moved to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to live and work in 2011. There I met my husband and moved to Sun City in 2014.  
I am a self-taught artist and have taken basic and advanced drawing classes and began painting with pet portraits. Then I started a faux finishing business creating custom art and wall finishes. Then, having more time to explore art, I added painted rocks and Fluid Art on canvas and incorporated them into jewelry. I have discovered that playing with color through paint brings me joy and is hopefully shared through my work.

My art journey has been a long wandering path through various artistic areas. First, I became a potter and then moved into watercolor.   I had no intention of painting, then something unexpected happened. As I threw pots on the wheel, watercolorists from another class would walk by with their creations gripped in their hands. Looking at the colors and subjects lit a fire in me to learn to paint! Art has been a great love of mine since second grade. My passion is abstract watercolors with deep, brilliant colors, although I paint many different subjects.