Art Instructors

Born and raised in Northwestern, Nebraska, in farm country with little exposure to art or artists, opportunities for art classes were nonexistent. As a result, I am self-taught. I resided outside the Continental United States from 1979-2001 in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Hawaii and Yap, Micronesia, and taught watercolor and drawing. My focus on my work was influenced by the cultures around me. I worked as a creative animation director in Indonesia and Australia. I developed and conducted drawing and portfolio presentations for a Youth Adult Bureau in Melbourne. Life in Guam confirmed my work as an art instructor teaching DOE a Gifted and Talented Program.   

I am a Minnesota native, moving to Arizona in 1982. I am a self-taught artist and work in all mediums. I have taught classes for the Palo Verde Art club for almost 19 years. Currently, I have been teaching Acrylic painting. I have earned degrees in CADD drafting and Graphic Design and taught classes in the Graphic design program for 11 years before moving to Sun City. I don't have one favorite medium; I love working in all of them.

My life and love of art started with my birth. I cannot remember when I was not fascinated with creating what I envisioned in my mind. So when I was the age of 19, I made it my goal to become proficient enough in painting to reproduce the image of a person and make it look like them. Along the way, I learned how to paint still life and landscapes, so when I painted my first portrait, I realized my goal.

My art journey has been a long wandering path through various artistic areas. First, I became a potter and then moved into watercolor.   I had no intention of painting, then something unexpected happened. As I threw pots on the wheel, watercolorists from another class would walk by with their creations gripped in their hands. Looking at the colors and subjects lit a fire in me to learn to paint! Art has been a great love of mine since second grade. My passion is abstract watercolors with deep, brilliant colors, although I paint many different subjects.

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